Medical Innovation Center

The first national innovation park in the field of medicine, the ecosystem of which provides a favorable environment for startups and modern enterprises development through the application of scientific knowledge and transfer of scientific technologies.

Our mission

We establish creative space for innovations, which combines the potential of universities, medical institutions, businesses, government entities, and investors that ensures the development of innovational solutions for improving human health


  • To assist in the creation and development of new scientific technologies in the context of the global healthcare market
  • To undertake the search, selection, and assessment of innovative projects in the medical field
  • To implement manufacturing and technological support for the development of new competitive products in the medical field
  • To commercialize innovation projects and to transfer technologies in the medical field

For Partners

Why become a partner?

Priority of participation in acceleration programs
IntegrationYour students and employees will be integrated into the world innovative community through the opportunity to communicate as an expert and startup participant with other foreign colleagues
EducationYour students and employees will receive access to modern knowledge by attending conferences, forums, masterclasses that will be organized for the Technopark ecosystem
CommercializationPartners will receive additional funds from the implementation of research and development of Technopark orders
CompetitivenesMedical institutions will have access to the most modern innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment that will increase their competitiveness level in the market of medical services
InteractionWe help to organize a convenient and clear process of interaction between you and Technopark partners: custom-built design, support of innovation projects, search for new ideas
ImageParticipation in Technopark will help to build a brand name of the enterprise, educational or medical institution as an innovative organization, which is an important factor affecting the choice: an employee while choosing a company, a patient while choosing a hospital, a school graduate while choosing a higher educational institution
Information supportPartner’s logo is placed on all advertising resources of Technopark
For Investors

I’m an investor, why participate?

Early Access

Invest in the most promising technology startups on early-stage


You buy a part of a business, the value of which can increase significantly

Risk management

Technopark residents are the best technology projects selected by a pool of experts. There is an opportunity for direct communication with company founders and their team


A big amount of companies simultaneously are Technopark residents which creates an opportunity to reduce risks by allocating investments across several of them at the same time

We are ready to consult you and tell more about investment opportunities

If you are an investor/partner, contact us

For startups

We are not looking just for people or just ideas, we are looking for people obsessed with their ideas!

Who are we looking for?
Throughout acceleration we will help you:
  • to identify your target audience and customer’s needs;
  • to determine the competitive advantages of your product;
  • to define your cost structure;
  • to identify sales channels;
  • to solve legal issues;
  • to build a team for your project;
  • to identify your growth points and scale up your business;
  • to get industry connect;
  • to prepare a project for the next investment stages;
  • to make a prototype of your idea or invention.
Priority for projects by categories:
  • Medical Information System
  • Blockchain in healthcare
  • Big Data in healthcare
  • Virtual Reality in healthcare
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
  • The Internet of things in healthcare
  • Information security in healthcare
  • Visualization in medicine
  • Medical chat-bots
  • Telehealth industry
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Valeology
  • Early diagnosis of diseases
  • Express diagnostics “Flash Lab”
  • Rehabilitation: exoskeletons, VR, MedTech
  • 3D printing in medicine
  • Robots in medicine
  • Medical equipment
  • mHealth Apps
  • Medical electronics for wearing
  • Gamification in healthcare
  • Veterinary
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